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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Argyle Mode Collection
Pink Leopard Dog Sweater

SimplyDogStuff.com has a darling collection of Dog Sweaters http://simplydogstuff.com/category_69/Dog-Sweaters-and-Dog-Hoodies.htm for keeping your furbaby warm and cozy throughout the season.  During our FALLFRENZY SALE everything is 20% off.  Check out our great sweater collection as well as hoodies, coats and anything else your four-legged family member may need.  Now is a great time to do your Christmas shopping; stock up on dog treats, or your dog's favorite toys.

Red Argyle Dog Sweater

Bone-on-Board Dog Sweater

Apple Blossom Hoodie

Pink Snowflake Dog Sweater

You only have a few weeks left to take advantage of our FALLFRENZY SALE.  To obtain your discount on everything in stock be sure to enter FALLFRENZY20 in the coupon field at checkout.  We always have low shipping at $5.95 on each order as well!
Saturday, October 19, 2013


In celebration of the fall season we are having a FALL FRENZY sale with 20% off of everything in stock.  Now is the time to do your shopping!  Do you still need a Halloween costume for your pooch?  It's not too late! We have some darling Halloween Dog Costumes and at 20% off they are a great deal.  http://simplydogstuff.com/category_94/Halloween-Dog-Costumes.htm

Does your furbaby need a cozy sweater to ward off the chill of fall?  We have a great selection to choose from.  We have some darling winter Dog Coats and hoodies as well.  http://simplydogstuff.com/category_69/Dog-Sweaters-and-Dog-Hoodies.htm

If you're a sports fan SimplyDogStuff.com can have your little mascot all decked out to help you cheer on the team with our Sports Team Jerseys and Cheerleader Dresses.  http://simplydogstuff.com/category_89/Dog-Sports-Apparel.htm

Do you need a Crypton Throw Cover to protect your car seat or favorite sofa from muddy paws or does your four-legged family member need a cozy new bed for winter?  We have something for every personality!  http://simplydogstuff.com/category_3/Dog-Beds.htm

So whatever you may need for your furbaby come check out SimplyDogStuff.com and get started on your Christmas shopping at 20% off!  To obtain your discount you must enter "FALLFRENZY20" in the coupon field at the time of checkout.  Remember we always have our flat-rate shipping of $5.95 per order.
Monday, October 14, 2013


It seems that often people tend to make a big deal out of brushing their dogs, feeling that they don't have the time or it's too big of a job.  You don't have to spend hours on it.  It's actually better to spend 5-10 minutes a day brushing out your dog which will create a good habit for you, and help with bonding time between you and your dog.  This as well as an occasional bath, will keep your dog looking and feeling clean and comfortable.

This simple grooming routine will help your dog's appearance by distributing the natural oils throughout the entire coat.  It also keeps the coat cleaner, removes dirt and debris, as well as prevents matting.  Don't get overwhelmed if your dog is already matted.  For small mats working a little corn starch into the mats will loosen them up.  If your dog is severely matted you may need to take him to a groomer for a short clip, and once that is done begin your brushing routine right away, to get in the habit before he has a chance to mat up again.  The other thing to remember is don't bathe your dog until you have the mats out as the water will set the mats in tighter.

Even short-haired dogs can benefit from regular brushing.  Besides the emotional benefit from bonding with you, regular brushing will cut down on the shedding and help remove loose hair, helping keep your home a little cleaner.

If you take your dog to a groomer regularly you probably do not need to bathe them in between grooms.  Some people tend to overdo the baths, but this can strip the coat of its natural oils which protect the skin and the coat will lose some of his shine.  If you have a dog that doesn't need regular groomer visits, a bath every 2-3 months is sufficient.  Always remember to use a dog shampoo, as shampoos made for people may contain fragrances that can irritate the dog's skin.