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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Safety for Pets

1.  Making sure your pet has proper identification will increase the chances of his safe return should he become lost or wander away.

2.  Keep pets indoors for Halloween.  There are people out there who choose to do harm to our precious pets and this tends to increase on Halloween.  Outdoor cats and especially black cats are at risk of being harmed, so if possible keep them indoors during this holiday.

3.  All the doorbell ringing and scary costumes can be stressful for pets, so keep them contained and away from the door for the evening.  If possible, find them their own long-lasting treat (a Kong frozen toy or Antlerz dog chew) to keep them occupied.  It might even help to play some relaxing music to help cover the sound of the doorbell and trick-or-treaters.

4.  Make sure all Halloween treats are kept away from pets.  Candy and especially chocolate can be deadly to pets.

5.  If you choose to put your pet in a costume, choose something that fits properly and doesn't restrict mobility or breathing, and never leave your pet alone in a costume.