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Thursday, February 5, 2015


That stinky dog breath isn't just annoying for you, it's a potentially serious health problem for your pooch as well.  Unfortunately, by age 3 most dogs have evidence of periodental disease, but by the time they get veterinary dental treatment, it's often too late to prevent extensive disease.  As a result of being under-treated, periodontal disease can also be associated with damage to internal organs as your pet ages.

Since February is National Pet Dental Health Month why not start your pet on a dental hygiene routine, starting with a good cleaning and checkup from your vet.  Some clinics even offer discounts during the month of February. The following is a super simple step by step informational video on starting your pet on a brushing routine.  

For some great products to help with your pet's oral hygiene see our Health and Wellness link below.  Remember February is also the month for Valentine's Day so show your pup the love by taking good care of their health!  You'll appreciate the fresh kisses they give in return!

Dental Flossing Bone

Dental Flossing Ball
Plaque Off
Kissable Toothpaste and Brush