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Thursday, October 29, 2015


Although Halloween is a fun and exciting time for humans as well as those creatures from other dimensions, it can be a very frightening time for our pets.  To our dogs, which have amazing abilities for facial recognition, all the masks appearing on Halloween as well as the constant doorbells can cause a lot of stress and confusion.

Secondly, we would all like to believe everyone out there is kind and loving to animals, but it is just not true.  There are people out there who actually wish to do harm to animals and Halloween is an especially high-risk time for pets.

To keep our pets safe, please keep them safely confined inside where they can’t bolt when frightened and cannot be taken from the yard, or frightened and escape the yard.  To keep them calm, keeping them contained perhaps in a bedroom with music or a T.V. , so they won’t get stressed every time they hear a doorbell is always a good idea.

The other safety risk during Halloween is all the yummy stuff which we enjoy.  But these are definite safety risks to pets.  The four most common food-related Halloween hazards for pets are chocolate, candy overindulgence, raisins and candy wrappers.  Generally, the darker the chocolate is, the more dangerous to our pets.  Overindulgence is self explanatory.  If your pet gets into a bag of candy, do you really think he will stop after just one or two?  (If he's like me, probably not.)  Grapes and raisins in any amount are extremely poisonous to dogs, even small amounts can cause kidney failure.  These should be avoided at all costs.  Lastly, I’ve never known a dog to get into a bag of candy and stop long enough to unwrap the candy before eating, hence the problem with candy wrappers which can cause life-threatening bowel obstructions.

The best way to protect our pets is to be hypervigilant with the candy.  Keep it up and out of the way of the pets, either inside of a closed cupboard or higher than they can jump or climb.  Discuss with your kids the seriousness of keeping their candy away from the pets.  If after all you can do, your little four-legged goblin still gets into something, please get help sooner rather than later.  Contact your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline immediately at 1-800-213-6680.  

Here's wishing you a Happy and Safe Halloween!